Visiting Greer

Perhaps it's one of the many festivals that fill City Park or Greer Station from early spring until fall. Maybe it's a recreation event such as a youth tournament hosted by the City of Greer Parks and Recreation Department, which was recently named as the best in South Carolina.

Of course, it could be the allure of world class dining or the many shops offering one-of-a-kind products. Whatever brings you to the City of Greer, you'll surely find the friendly faces and warm hospitality for which the city is known.

Things To Do

There are scores of reason for visiting the City of Greer at any time of the year. Of course, you don't really need a reason to come enjoy the city's beauty, parks, shopping, and recreational facilities. Many a day-tripper has discovered that there is something to occupy visitors of all ages - from hunting the small frog statues that dot Greer Station to simply strolling through Greer City Park and enjoying the fountain, waterfall, play area, and gazebo stretching into the pond.

There's a rumor that some people in larger cities enjoy the harried atmosphere of a mall or the perpetual traffic jams and expensive parking garages in downtown entertainment districts. They certainly aren't the people who visit Greer, where free parking is plentiful just a stone's throw from your destination and it's an easy stroll to dozens of shops and restaurants. The great part? The couple at the next table may have driven from a smaller town to enjoy an evening in "the city."

If there is a "just the right size" for a city, you'll find that Greer fits the description. Come visit and find out for yourself.