Why Do Business in Greer?

From restaurants and pet shops to retailers and plumbers, we want your business in the City of Greer.

With the city’s location as the dynamic center of the Upstate's I-85 Corridor, continued growth, and development, it's easy to understand why business owners want to be in the City of Greer. Our rapidly growing population desires outstanding retail and service outlets and a much wider audience from across the Upstate visits the city to enjoy fine dining, specialty shops, and professional services.

In addition to a strong customer base, you'll find first-rate city services and amenities available to you, as a business owner in the City of Greer. These include the following.

Increased Police Protection

By offering our business owners and residents more police officers per square mile, the city is able to maintain an exceptional response time to calls. The Greer Police Department adheres to the motto "Policing is a Partnership" and engages the community through such activities as community meetings and neighborhood events. These efforts help the department mobilize community resources to both prevent and solve law enforcement and other related problems. Our nationally-accredited Police Department also features a full range of services including:

  • Animal control services

  • Business and neighborhood crime reports

  • Community patrols

  • Crime prevention assistance for businesses

  • Crime prevention surveys

  • Direct call communicator

  • Local traffic accident response

  • Officers equipped with latest technology

These services also coincide with the added benefit of local courts and criminal prosecution.

Increased Fire Protection

The City of Greer Fire Department, like our Police Department, has an outstanding average response time of less than three minutes to all calls and features a full range of fire inspection services for your business. The department is among the elite in South Carolina, carrying a Class 1 ISO rating that decreases insurance premiums for businesses in the city. The department also features First Responder Medical Service and a Hazmat Team available 24 hours a day.

As part of its Building and Development Standards Department, the City of Greer maintains a fully-trained codes staff for assistance with ICC Standards and quality land use planning.

Joining a Vibrant, Growing Community

Greer is making things happen. New restaurants and festivals have revived our trendy downtown known as Greer Station. The addition of Greer City Hall and Greer City Park has increased pedestrian traffic in Greer Station as families and young professionals are discovering abundant and diverse programming built around convenient shopping. With tens of thousands of cars passing through the City of Greer each day, Wade Hampton Boulevard. has become one of the leading business corridors in the Upstate.

Continued business growth leveraged against residential growth opens doors for your employees to enjoy great community life and a short commute. Our proximity to both GSP International Airport and Interstate 85 offers convenient access to Greenville, Spartanburg, Atlanta, Charlotte, and the rest of the southeast. No matter what business you're in, the City of Greer has something to offer to both you and your employees.

Infrastructure Assistance / Street Lighting

Business owners can find aid, as funds exist, for the construction of sewer lines, roads, landscaping, and other improvements to public property. The City of Greer is constantly upgrading our infrastructure in the areas of street lighting, sidewalks, roads, and property maintenance to meet the growing needs of our clientele. Along with that, Greer has a strategically scheduled street sweeping program.

Lower Utility Costs

Rates for water, sewer, and stormwater inside the Greer city limits are consistently lower than those in unincorporated areas of both Greenville and Spartanburg Counties. That keeps fixed costs for your business lower. To learn more about these and other benefits and how they specifically apply to your business, please contact City of Greer Economic Development at 864-416-0125 or visit the Department's website.